Your Privacy

My Choices Foundation and Merlynn Intelligence Technologies collects users’ personal information to conduct counselling sessions and provide emergency information based on the details requested in the online assessment.

How users' information is collected

The user enters their personal information after the completion of the online assessment if they require further assistance from the counselling and/or legal teams of Operation PeaceMaker of My Choices Foundation.

How do we use the information

This information is used to share the outcome of your assessment with the user, based on which the user may contact My Choices Foundation for further counselling and/or legal assistance. Information provided by the user will not be utilized for business or marketing purposes.

Information that is shared

No data that is captured in the online assessment is shared with any third party.

How users' information is protected

To protect users’ personal information from unauthorized access and use, we use secure measures in compliance with international law on data security.


The Merlynn Up2TOM application is hosted on Google Cloud Platform. Model creation requires no customer data. The final My Choices Foundation models are downloaded and stored in Merlynn’s secure Google cloud platform environment, behind their firewalls. Model input variables or metadata required for model functionality remains behind this firewall.

Merlynn Data Security

The data we store and use is protected in line with acceptable industry standards to prevent loss, theft, unauthorised access, disclosure, copying, use or modification. Our security includes:

Role-based access management:

Rules control which users and teams can access, manipulate, and delete data.

End-to-end encryption:

All network traffic is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Data at rest:

Encryption for data at rest using transparent disk encryption.